Ideal Card 

Get IDEAL Wireless International Calling

Are you not fed up with the high rates and the tricks of most calling cards companies, who get your money and disappear, only to reappear with another name?


We offer you the IDEAL international Wireless Calling Service from any Phone (cell/mobile, home, office, hotel or borrowed phone) anywhere in the world at anytime. No Expiration date so your balance amount is always in your account.


Recharge Option:



Pinless Dialing:



Conference Call:



Speed Dial:



Callback Follow Me:



Global Access:



Callback Follow Me:



Minute Rounding:


6 Sec.

Maintenance Fee:




Manage your account and call anywhere from anywhere 24/7

Make international calls and view your call details on web


 IDEAL FOR TRAVEL to countries with no access numbers or high telephone rate.


If you are mobile Sign up today to discover the low calling rate

with clear quality calls by registering your cell phone

on our Wireless International Calling Gateway Switch (WICGS) for FREE and

Recharge your account after attesting to the facts of IDEAL Wireless Global Calling


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